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MAKE HAPPIER USER INTERACTION - Verify Desktop simplifies communication between users and support while providing support with details they need to solve problems. 

REPLACE CLUMBERSOME EXPENSIVE MONITORING – Clotron Alert Software or Appliance includes Twillio SMS and SendGrid E-mail working out of the box and can be set up in minutes.

IS YOUR DATA SAFE? - If you can’t prove your data is backed up, it isn’t.  With ArchiveIt123, anyone can set up, and it answers the question, YES.  Backup + ArchiveIt123, a Must!



At CLOTRON WE ARE BUILDERS - Klotron is made up of this site and Clotron.Com, which houses the Clotron Software Word Engine our secure software installer and client hardware/software inventory portal.  At Clotron, all software is written in the USA by seasoned professionals involved in data, security, and communications for three decades.

At Clotron, all our applications, IoT Appliances, and custom software are designed with our Patent Pending Verify technology.  Verify, a revolutionary software app (and interface) in testing was welcomed by 100% of the users who wanted to keep it on their desk because it made support simpler and stress-free.  Clotron Verify with our integrated Portal Authentication integrates Twillio SMS and SendGrid E-Mail messaging with one click API, Token and Number encrypted integration.  Verify versions scale for small, medium, and enterprise companies along with a Carrier version that can save millions in bogus support calls annually. 

In vertical markets like Healthcare, Financial, and Security, Clotron has made specialized applications that exceed HIPAA, PCI, DOD, and X9. Our current Encryption goes beyond existing standards with our implementation of Rijndael (pronounced rain-dahl) Encryption Algorithm. Rijndael was selected by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to replace the aging (12 years old) AES current encryption standard.  Our newest application ArchiveIt123 answers the question, “IS YOUR DATA SAFE,” in a world where every company is one click away from financial disaster. 

In the movement of data, our applications work in Cloud, LAN/WAN, or Hybrid Cloud infrastructures. All encrypted systems offer 100% secure transfer and at rest data using EncryptIt123 technology. Using Clotron World Software Engine™ Patent Pending Technology, both application and data can be geo-located offering an unprecedented technology leap in security.

Do you need customization of one of our apps or an installer to make your application user ready-to-install or financially feasible, we are here to help?" At Clotron, we also do not have a call attendant, or self-help prompts between our friends who are our customers.






For sales, questions or license inquiries you can catch us on chat or fill out the form and we will be back to you in a few minutes. Customers only need to add a comment on any application and press send.

Hardware Partners

Clotron Hardware integrations include leading brands where we have maximized both the hardware, API, and integrated toolsets along with thorough animated documentation to save our customers time and money. 

Software Partnering

Clotron is actively seeking partners to integrate our patent-pending technology with and welcome the opportunity to talk.

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