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The Digital War is Raging

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Author: John Bowling, CCSC Copyright 2019

Welcome to a new world. You have entered a world that was once dominated by words like, “the," "and," "what” and “I” only to temporarily coexist with digital bits, “1” and “0." In our world, these bits fly at incredible speeds cascading with trillions of their kind like blood pulsating through your veins. Around the globe, these bits are forming streams of consciousness while yours are dying. Throughout our world, an invisible highway now manifests itself in print, speech, sound, and video controlling each of your life’s. Those bits and their children, IoT BOTs now control your cars, planes, water, lights, work, social life, even what you think and read.

You have gone past the Twilight Zone.

I know, you think that guy created it, that it was just a show, and you would be wrong. Our mentor Rod Serling wanted you to believe that. Just stop and try typing his last name using Microsoft Word or Apple Pages; “Serling” and both the apps will not even know how to spell our mentor's name. He wanted it that way.


all those years you operated by speaking to others, meeting in groups, with business lunches, plane rides to and from, and at night you even gathered in the park and played sports. You blended and formed social groups; in a reality, you called your own. We couldn’t have that; we needed control. Enter our mentor and leader Rod Serling. Rod needed you all on a global basis to welcome the coming digital age controlled by us. Rod created an imaginary world, but at the same time made you curious enough of the unknown that you would bite at the digital apple.

Stop and look around. You won’t see Rod, but do you see the small red dot aglow near the ceiling watching you, cameras as you drive along the highways as he promised. Is there a camera on your computer, a mic listening? Rod called it "Science Fiction," and you laughed, we wanted it that way. You are now, in fact, in the Digital Zone. We tell you this now because you cannot find your way out if you wanted to. We encompassed your globe with our reality, and where Rod showed you that there were monsters to fight so you would watch the battle, we gave you Viruses and Trojans so that you would fight along with us. The thought, “It is us against them," we wanted you to think that, but in truth, you were fighting no one, it was us. Rod distracted you and made you ready for our reality. Your Mother was right when she said, “there are monsters in your closet”! We didn’t want you to listen to her either.

So, “What now," you ask? Sit back, you can’t resist, we took your old tools away from you, and you won’t be able to live without the sustenance our reality gives you. Most of you will continue to think you are in control while our IoT BOTs gather what’s left of your independence. We will now provide you what we think you need while we blanket your new reality with news and disinformation to force the last few into compliance. You see, we are smart like our mentor, we are pulling you apart bit by bit putting you with “ones” and “zeros” into our world once and for all. Do not try to resist; resistance is futile.

Twilight Zone and Rod Serling are in some form copyrighted by someone, and we respect their digital overloads who control them. Oh, one other thing for those you who typed and then checked his name in Word or Pages, then right-clicked and said, “Add to Dictionary." You signaled your compliance, thank you.