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Clotron Verify Speeds Diagnoses and Cure of Network Outages

Clotron Verify Desktop solves problems that no other IT diagnostic tool can with patent-pending technology. In this post, we will look at how Verify can save the average Support Staff thousands of wasted hours every year, makes users happy they have it and provide management and the CFO vital information while increasing the right kind of billable hours for support.

I was driving home late on a Friday, and I got a text, “Dr. Montgomery’s Network is down can you check on it.” Well, I must confess I did like millions of intelligent IT Professionals do every day, I called the Carrier support and said, “Our circuit is down it must be the Internet, could you please check it out?”

I was not sure the outage is a circuit problem or what. The real question all IT people face is; how do you get a Doctor, it might as well be a brain surgeon to help debug an IT problem? You see, in cases where people work from remote locations, in this case, with a Spectrum 400 meg Broadband and a dedicated IP address, the best monitor would be down. So I did like millions do every day, I assumed the problem was Spectrum and asked the carrier to confirm it was not their outage before doing anything else. So, keeping all the circuit information, I pulled over and called Spectrum, gave them the account number, and after 30 minutes of driving and talking they said, “The circuit looks OK, we can ping our DMZ, are you sure your equipment isn’t down?” That’s why the circuits cost so much.

OK, so now STOP a second, I did that because I had not invented Clotron Verify and put it on the Doctor’s Computer. This outage, plus being told by AT&T they were not going to work on a similar outage until I proved we could not ping their gateway from the inside of the network inspired me. The result is a patent-pending application that has already saved me countless hours while testing and made users very happen.

So now the question is, “How does it work,” and the even better question is, “It better be so easy anybody can use it, is it?” A story will answer both the questions. Enter a beta user, Janice Dean. Janice is a very non-technical person, who in less than two days and no training pulled out her iPhone put the camera over the Verify generated QR Code and opened a support ticket.

Janice works in a remote three-person office were when I commented, “We all have our favorite war stories in dealing with support,” went native and would not shut up. I love you, Janice. Before I answer the two questions above, let me pose a third question the IT people are asking and for which I have gotten asked multiple times already, “Is it easy to setup?” The answer to the question is, yes, and I will answer the question in detail in the blog post titled, “How to Setup Clotron Verify.”

Now back to the story. While I listened to Janice, I installed Clotron Verify. I just needed my Clotron.Com username and password, and the Clotron World Engine Installer even inventoried all the computers because I could add a site and description during the installation process. Next, I ran a setup script that gathered her IP address, gateway, DNS, and installed her remote Exchange Server, Five 9, hosted work VPN, DNS, and a couple of other sites. I repeated the process on two more computers in the office and Janice’s laptop.

So to answer the first question, “Is it easy to set up?”. Yes, It took me twenty minutes, and I even inventoried the network office laser and scanner while I was at it, adding them to Verify.

Now at this point in the story, I left, with an emergency, first apologizing as I walked out the door saying, “Just remember to open the app and read below the QR Code,” and I was gone. A few days later, I got an e-mail from Janice’s laptop Verify client about nine o'clock in the morning with the following comment she added, “Easy to use, fix it.”

So to answer the second question, “It better be so easy anybody can use it,” the answer is Yes. Janice with no training was able to, a) Click the Verify lightbulb icon, b) Let Verify diagnose the problem, and c) Hold her phone's camera over the Verify generated QR Code to create an email addressed to support so she could press SEND. In Janice's case, the network was down just like the Doctor, and Clotron Verify “routed around” the outage with patent-pending technology the information needed to fix the problem. Verify also does one other important thing; it looks at Janice’s network from her perspective; the local resources, the remote devices, and services she needs to work, no one else does that.

In Janice's case, I had installed the Pro Verison, which includes Twilio SMS and SendGrid e-mail, so when the internet came up, she started sending me e-mails and text right from within the application asking me to help fix some other issues.

If you are reading this and you don’t see hyperlinks to other post and a video we are just releasing the application, and it will be coming up on the site quickly. Please register, and we will notify you.

Now back to the beginning and to answer another question, “Why do CFO and managers like Clotron Verify?” The answer is a simple one. Besides diagnosing problems it forces IT Professionals to do what I did, gather because we have a handy place to put it, the information about the other devices in the network in one place. We even generate a CSV file, so you don’t have to reformat the e-mail and provide a way to move the data into PowerBI or your SQL. Did someone say BIG DATA?

If you have questions, please reach out, we would love to talk with you.